Export and Import Lessons (Words and Whiteboard), Profiles and Teacher Customisations

Export Lessons
School Writing allows you to save your user created word lessons to iTunes, Dropbox or via email or Airdrop.

The lessons files can be exported or saved in the following ways.

  • Export to iTunes
  • Save to Dropbox
  • Export via Email
  • Send to demografix website for review/inclusion
  • Send files via Airdrop

Import Lessons
School Writing allows you to save your user created lessons, profiles and customisations to iTunes, Dropbox, or via email. Additional free lessons submitted by users, are also available on the demografix website.

The lessons files can be imported in the following ways.

  • Import form iTunes
  • Import from the demografix web
  • Import from Email
  • You can use Dropbox to import the lessons, profiles and customizations by loading up Dropbox in Safari on each students iPad and importing directly from Dropbox.

Use Dropbox to setup a classroom of iPad.
If you can open up dropbox in Safari on the student iPads, then simply open up your dropbox account and import the lessons you have created and saved directly from your dropbox account on each student iPad.

Export to iTunes instructions

When your iPad is connected to your Mac or PC and iTunes is open, select your iPad in the iTunes Library at the left and then click on the Apps tab. Scroll down to the File Sharing section. You’ll see a list of apps that use File Sharing. Click on School Writing and you’ll see any files you’ve already added to, or created on, the iPad.

From here, you can add documents to your iPad in two ways. Click the Add button, navigate to a document in the Open dialog box that appears, select the document, and then click Open. When you click Sync, the file will copy to your iPad. Alternatively, drag a file onto the File Sharing list when School Writing is selected in the Apps list. This method copies the files immediately; you don’t need to click Sync for the copying to take place. To delete documents, selecting them in the file list and click Delete.

To backup your School Writing lessons, click on ‘Save’ and save the files to your Mac or PC. These files can later be added back via the methods above to restore the lessons.