School Writing allows you to –

  • create your own sounds for each letter, number or word
  • create your own images for each letter, number or word
  • create your own parent or teacher letter and number tracings, with audio instructions for each character. Uses see your trace replayed when they tap the ‘Learn’ button. This could also be used for phonetics as you can record audio behind the individual letter tracings
  • create your own shapes to trace
  • create your own word lessons with audio and text instructions for each word in a lesson and with individual word images
  • create and manage multiple profiles

Customise Screen

On this screen you can replace the image for each letter or number & the main sound behind the ‘speaker’ button on the student tracing screens. (Top right button)

You can do the example trace for the ‘? Learn’ button and add audio to ‘? Learn’ button. This can be used to give audio instruction of how to do the trace or to add in the phonetic sounds for the letters.

• When you start to trace the audio for the ‘Learn’ button, starts recording, unless you tap ‘Record audio instructions during trace’ and turn off audio recording for the teacher trace for that particular letter or number. This button will then have a line across it to indicate that audio recording is off for that particular teacher example trace. Press stop to stop the recording. You get 25 seconds to record audio behind the tracing.

• The lower left red buttons record the audio for the speaker button that appears on the top right of the student tracing screens.

• The blue tracing button enable you to replay your teacher tracing and also erase back to the defaults.

When you lock the app, this screen is not visible to students.