Create and Manage Lessons
Create Word Lessons
In this unlocked state (teacher/parent mode) you can create your own word lessons. Click on ‘Add’ on the ‘Words’ screen. Each word can have a unique sound recording, text instructions and image. You can enter an underscore _ for a space in a word or for a blank word, eg ____. with audio instructions to write the word ‘cloud’ for example. School Writing can be used as a spelling bee and you have the choice to either have the student write or record the word, or both. If you have entered in a teacher email address in the settings, at the end of each completed word lesson, the images and sounds are automatically emailed to that email address.

After you have saved your word lesson, it will appear on the ‘Words’ screen.


Create Whiteboard Lessons

Draw freehand on the Whiteboard to create a lesson

or import your own images into the Whiteboard

To add your own image:

1. Go back to Whiteboard lessons list

2. Tap ‘Add’ to create a new lesson

3. Name the lesson and enter a description (with audio if required)

4. Tap ‘Add Shape’, leave it blank and tap ‘OK’

5. Tap on the small camera icon and tap the +camera,

and import your image from your library 6. Add any audio or text instructions by tapping on the icons.

Your import image should be 900 pixels wide by 400 pixel high.


Delete Lessons

You can delete or edit lessons the lessons. Select ‘Edit’ from the ‘Words’ screen. You are then given the options of deleting, editing lessons.