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Upgrade – 3.0, Feb 2021 – Link to the ninja coding done.

– Thanks for using School Writing and helping to make it one of the most popular education apps in Australia.
– We updated our code ( a big job), squashed bugs and optimised the app for the latest iPad’s and the latest iOS.
– We added  a fun ‘abc colouring in’ activity as optional on/off via the settings.

Version 2.9 Upgrade – 2017
Lot’s new and improved and we have cleaned up a few bugs we found under some cupboards.
Technical enhancements such as iOS11, dropbox and other areas to make the app function better.

As requested by our happy app users, new enhancements such as …
• Function enhancements to ‘Teacher Tracing’ screen to enable ‘Replay’ to show the strokes of the teacher trace.
• Added a new Guideline as ‘Solid line under character’.
• Added a new feature to automatically create a ‘My name’ word lesson based on the active profile name.
• Updated Victoria teacher traces.
• Added all letter sounds for all the AU fonts ‘Learn’ function.
• Added a new large lowercase character option for infants in PrePrep and Prep. This will turn ‘Check tracing accuracy’ to Off when selected. You can turn the tracing accuracy back on and we recommend the ‘Infant’ selection.
• Added new options to customise and add the ‘incorrect trace’ sound.

The new large lowercase letters student traces allows you to replay the ‘student trace’ to see the strokes taken.

Version 2.8 Upgrade – November, 2014
Thanks for using our app!
• We added Airdrop support for iOS 7 and above for iPad (4th generation or later), iPad Mini and to share with people using a Mac with Yosemite. Checkout youtube.com/demografixapps for a demo on using Airdrop.
Thanks Apple, we love it!
• Squashed a bug and added a few enhancements.

Version 2.7
Fixes for iOS8.
Squashed a bug found by one of our happy users and a bug found by us.
Added in lines into the Whiteboard as requested by a use.

2.5 9/03/2014
2.4 24/10/2014
2.3 10/10/2013
2.2 25/09/2013
2.1 17/08/2013

Version 2.0 Upgrade – August 2013
In this update we added…
• a ‘palm guard – auto and manual’ as requested by the users
• enhanced text control and features to the Whiteboard section of the app
• additional fonts for South Africa – plain and cursive
• additional fonts for ‘Home Schooling’ as HWT and Getty-Dubay – plain and cursive
• the customization of the home screen logo to a flag, photo or a user custom image such as school logo
• the ‘Mioow Magic Words’ to the word lessons
• two new ‘dotted thirds’ options for the guidelines for Victoria, Australia
• a new abc song and also a ‘no vocal’ abc song soundtrack
We also made some minor bug fixes and improvements as suggested by our users.

The complete ‘Whiteboard’ Default Lessons can be loaded from here
The complete ‘Words’ Default Lessons can be loaded from here

Notes for the last update to 1.6 – Jan/Feb 2013
• We fixed a bug/cheat that was identified by one of our 4 year old users to improve the tracing accuracy.
• Fixed dropbox bug.

Notes for the last update to 1.4 – December 2012
• ‘Tracing accuracy checking’. Students are rewarded with a half star or a full star depending on their tracing accuracy and are given 3 attempts before automatically advancing to the next letter or number. The ‘tracing accuracy’ is set as ‘easy’ by default and may be changed to ‘medium’ or hard’, or turned off completely. The teacher tracings or customizations are used as the basis for checking the student tracing accuracy. This allows for complete flexibility over stoke directions for left hand writers.
• WASassoon Fonts for West Australian/UK Schools.
• Enhancements and small bug fixes.

Notes for the update to 1.3 – August 2012
1. To have only the ‘custom encouragements’ play, disable all in-built sounds via the ‘Customise encouragments’ screen. The in-built sounds must grey and reading ‘Enable’ to be corrected Disabled. You must have also recorded some ‘custom encouragements’.
2. As a default install, all encouragements are turned off.

Getting started
To select your correct school font go to the settings and select ‘Font’.
School Writing includes the plain and cursive fonts below;
US: D’Nealian
US: Zaner-Bloser
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Australia – Queensland
Australia – New South Wales & ACT
Australia – South Australia
Australia – Tasmania
Australia – Victoria, NT & WA

Things to note…

  1. The Cursive fonts do not have all the correct joins for ‘Words’ in this version and are intended for lowercase and uppercase activities.
  2. All default sounds can be replaced with your own sounds and the in-build word lessons can be edited or deleted.
  3. If you put an email address into the settings then at the end of a lesson, the screen images and recordings are emailed to that email address automatically. This can be set to on or off, when creating a word or shape lesson and turned off for the letters and numbers via the settings. You can also edit this option for the in-built lessons by editing that particular lesson and unchecking the auto email option.
  4. The pens on the tracing screen have different sizes, ranging from a thin blue pencil to the thickest red pencil.
  5. The School Writing app has a teacher/parent lock feature. Locked – student mode
    Unlocked – teacher/parent mode
    In the student mode the app is locked and the student is given access only to the administrators choice of exercises and functions.


UK Fonts are owned by demografix pty ltd.

Australian/NZ Fonts are used under license from www.schoolfonts.com.au

US Fonts used in this app are similar to and based on, Zaner-Bloser & D’Nelian. WASassoon is similar to the Sassoon Fonts. The typefaces in this app, can be used in conjunction with the D’Nealian or Zaner-Bloser methods, but they are not manufactured by one of these companies or their licensees. They are original creations, used under license from the creators and therefore although comparable, may differ slightly from the letterforms created by these companies or their licensees. D’Nealian® Handwriting is copyright of Scott, Foresman and Company in the United States or other countries. Zaner-Bloser ® is a trademark of Zaner-Bloser Inc. Sassoon is copyright to Dr. Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams Design Ltd.

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